Chair of LC Quality Assurance Committee to speak at the TESL Canada Conference

Julian Inglis, ELP Business Development and Program Manager at the University of Guelph and Chair of Languages Canada's Quality Assurance Committee, will represent Languages Canada at the annual TESL Canada conference, taking place in Niagara Falls from June 8 to 10. Mr. Inglis will deliver a presentation entitled “Unpacking Quality Assurance: It’s Bigger on the Inside”, addressing common misconceptions around accreditation and membership within the association. A synopsis of his presentation is provided below:

“A common misconception is that Languages Canada primarily accredits Language programs. In fact, it does not accredit programs at all. Quality Assurance is one of LC’s core functions, but accreditation is only one part of this. Another misconception is that accreditation is equivalent to membership. Membership in LC involves more than meeting a set of standards. This presentation will unpack these misconceptions and touch on some of the key points in the global dialogue on Quality Assurance.”