Assets of KGIC acquired by CIBT Education Group Inc.

Vancouver, March 16, 2017 - As you may be aware, there have been some substantial developments with the schools under KGIC Inc. (formerly known as the Loyalist Group).  You will find a link to the press release announcing the acquisition of the assets of KGIC by CIBT Education Group Inc.  This rather lengthy release outlines the major points of the relationship of CIBT to the former KGIC Inc schools.  LC staff has been working with the transition team from CIBT as well as Ontario and BC government ministries that the language schools fall under and are pleased at the final outcome.  We are pleased that  Sprott Shaw Language College (SSLC) will assume the teach-out responsibilities of the students at PGIC, KGIC and SEC as well as honouring the commitments of the future students of Cornerstone Academic College which was closed by the Receiver  on February 28th.   

Languages Canada continues to oversee and monitor the situation to ensure that all students are looked after.